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Our Sweet Sami

Raised in a military family that moved, almost yearly, there was little opportunity to make lasting bonds with my peers.

As a result, my best and closest friends became my pets. I learned that their loyalty and unconditional love cannot be surpassed. I could not imagine my life without them.

While working as a veterinary assistant, I heard about Labradoodles. Having Labradors for years I was interested in learning more. When I read of their exceptional intelligence along with their great temperament for a service dog , therapy dog, companion and dog training I knew I really wanted one.  So along came SAMI in 2003-----my very first Labradoodle.

I fell in love with the most intuitive , intelligent, and loving animal imaginable. I did not purchase Sami with breeding in mind but, once I learned first hand how wonderful Labradoodles are ----I wanted to share them with the world so Sami became our foundation dog for The House of Doodles.

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The House of Doodles

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