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We are a multi-generational Labradoodle home specializing in the breeding of man's best friend.

Puppy Paw Print.png

The House of Doodles really does belong to the Labradoodles that live here. They sleep in our beds, lounge on our couches, lay across our laps for belly rubs, and even answer the doorbell !! The house would not be a home without them.

Puppy Paw Print.png
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Puppy Paw Print.png

3 Generations

Here at The House of Doodles we take great efforts to breed the best Labradoodle puppies possible. Happy, healthy labradoodle puppies are the result of happy, healthy Labradoodle  adults. All moms and dads live in a family setting with a home of their own. Extensive health testing is completed on each breeding adult before becoming a member of the program. Quality food and thorough veterinary care is essential for all of our members.

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